Discord Stock Notification Alerts

Posted 22 May 2020

Discord Stock Notifications

We have pleased to announce we have now implemented stock notifications via Discord. This will only be for the most popular products we are currently tracking.

This will be of particular interest to iPhone and iPads users who currently struggle to receive push notifications due to Apple restrictions.

There is a Discord app for both iOS and Android. You will need to allow permissions for the app to send notifications to your device.

The Stock Informer (UK) invite link:-


Once you have the app setup and you have joined the "Stock Informer UK" server, click the "stock-alert-setup" channel and follow the instructions to subscribe to the alerts you require. You may also need to 'mute' notification on other channels if you are receiving alerts you do not require.

As this is a new feature your feedback is always welcome, so please free to Contact Us and let us know how you are getting on with this.

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