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Rebecca Lamping Rebecca Lamping
17/12/2015 15:40:17
"After trying for weeks, i finally got one thanks to your website! I Saw that it came into stock in argos for some areas. I kept persisting and finally I got one. I had attempted argos and amazon lots of times. So glad I got one for my son thanks to this site, and didnt have to pay alot more for one on ebay! :-) "
Janet Janet
18/12/2015 09:32:13
"Thanks brilliant service purchased xbox1 elite controller from Amazon after receiving an alert from stockinformer thanks "
Linda Allen Linda Allen
18/12/2015 10:19:47
"Your service is excellent thank you "
Connor Connor
18/12/2015 18:47:22
"Perfect, if it wasn't for this, I wouldn't have got my elite controller."
Phelim Carville Phelim Carville
21/12/2015 12:44:06
"Brilliant service saved Christmas "
Karley Karley
24/12/2015 10:20:22
"I recently managed to get a tomy foam cone factory with many thanks to your website. I had searched for months with no luck I thought I would try your website, within 2 weeks I managed to get one. 5*** service! Thank you :) "
Linsey Linsey
27/12/2015 20:10:27
"Thanks for the help. I picked up a beat bo on Christmas Eve from Argos"
Guest72364 Guest72364
05/01/2016 13:47:02
"What a good site you have helped me with two items Pie Face which I managed to buy in time for christmas and Tomy Cone Foam Factory which I got for New Year. Thank you. "
Jennifer Mcintosh Jennifer Mcintosh
21/09/2016 09:59:08
"Thanks so much for your great service! Just ordered my Speakout game from tesco!"
Anna Povall Anna Povall
27/09/2016 20:38:54
"Fab checker at least I know where has my item thank you "
Chrissy Chrissy
29/09/2016 05:49:16
"Used your site for the first time found store which had stock ordered and off to collect the item. First class service thankyou"
Diane Diane
29/09/2016 09:47:02
"I received my email to tell me my local store had speak out in stock. I immediately ordered it and am picking it up tomorrow (fingers crossed)!! Thankyou stock infomer. Brilliant"
Lara Lara
01/10/2016 18:54:37
"Thankyou ... "
Sarah Sarah
04/10/2016 19:43:06
"Ordered it from Tesco stock checker alert on Saturday arrived yesterday, collected it today. Very happy! Blooming great service all around "
Susan Davidson Susan Davidson
05/10/2016 13:43:54
"Thanks Guys, Looks like I''ve managed to secure one via Nintendo UK - though still awaiting dispatch confirmation. Your info was invaluable - 5 stars!! Hopefully one happy 11 year old soon 👍🏻"
Susan Davidson Susan Davidson
07/10/2016 11:12:53
"Just took delivery this morning!!! Couldn''t have done this without you - keep up the good work 😀👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻"
Kay Easdown Kay Easdown
09/10/2016 23:34:36
"First message received of stock, managed to reserve online and collect today. Thank you. "
Lisa Lisa
13/10/2016 17:09:06
"Your service is very accurate and most helpful. Thanks"
Carole Stow Carole Stow
14/10/2016 21:37:46
"Thanks Stock Informer as I have at last got Speak Out thanks to your email advising that Tesco have them in stock & £1 off the normal price ! Can't wait to play it 🤗"
Samantha Titterington Samantha Titterington
16/10/2016 07:06:33
"Thank you so much for finding me a Hatchimals. I only regeresterd last night and woke to an email this morning. I've now purchased one from Very. I'm so happy, thank you."
Sandra Low Sandra Low
17/10/2016 10:01:18
"Very helpful website managed to purchase a hatchimal through receiving stock alerts! Very happy 👍"
Alison Macrae Alison Macrae
17/10/2016 10:19:29
"Fab service can't thank you enough, thanks to you I have two Hatchimals winging there way to me!!! "
Kerri Guyon Kerri Guyon
17/10/2016 13:08:03
"Thank you so much. Thanks to your website I have managed to order this item via the toys r us gift list system. I will have a very happy girl on Christmas day. My first time using this website too. I will most definitely be using you again. Thank you, thank you, thank you "
Isobel Mckemdricl Isobel Mckemdricl
20/10/2016 23:08:02
"Great service thanks x"
Rachael Rachael
21/10/2016 05:37:39
"So happy, with your help have managed to get my sons xmas present with little stress despite no stock anywhere. Thanks."

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