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Discuss Nintendo Switch (Neon Red/Blue) Stock at Game

Discuss Nintendo Switch (Neon Red/Blue) Stock @ Nintendo Switch (Neon Red/Blue) at Game
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GeneralTokan GeneralTokan - 13/03/2017 08:53 - Report
Managed to get a copy of Zelda: BotW from the Nintendo online store, now just gotta wait for Game to get enough stock so I don't have to preorder the console, but can buy it online with my gift card. Thank God for this site and the good work it does!

Mike1977 Mike1977 - 31/01/2017 03:42 - Report
Just found this on the game website "We have reached our initial allocation of this product, but we are working with Nintendo to bring in more stock for launch day" so just be careful if you want it for sure on release day because they are still taking preorders.

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