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Discuss Nintendo Switch (Grey) Stock at Very

Discuss Nintendo Switch (Grey) Stock @ Nintendo Switch (Grey) at Very
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Admin Administrator - Sticky Forum Post - 02/03/2017 10:37 - Report


  • Please DO NOT rely on receiving an email or app alert to find you stock. We will send notifications on a case by case basis. It is pointless us sending thousands of notifications if a retailer only has a few units of stock which get snapped up almost immediately. Just leads to further frustration.
  • Please do not attempt to sell on this forum. There is another well known website for that. Offending posts will be deleted and user accounts suspended without notice.

Thanks, Admin


Slik Slik - 28/04/2017 12:00 - Report
Anyone on here order around the 19th of April that has received their grey console yet? I see people that ordered before have received theirs.

Savo83 Savo83 - 24/03/2017 19:08 - Report
Anyone heard anything?
guest252840 guest252840 - 30/03/2017 10:09 - Report
My estimated delivery is 31/03/17 but it hasn't been dispatched yet so I doubt it will even come

Willbrowne81 Willbrowne81 - 30/03/2017 14:22 - Report
Mine is saying delivery estimate 28/4/17.

guest252840 guest252840 - 30/03/2017 14:51 - Report
Mine has just been dispatched

Willbrowne81 Willbrowne81 - 30/03/2017 14:56 - Report
Doesn't look like mine will !

kjblack kjblack - 31/03/2017 21:51 - Report
Mine is also 28/4, Will any update on yours?

Willbrowne81 Willbrowne81 - 01/04/2017 14:10 - Report
From what I have heard there delivery /dispatch dates are pretty spot on. I don't think we will see the console till the 28th . Unless there is a magic influx of consoles but

Morgz Morgz - 18/04/2017 00:55 - Report
Did you guys get them sooner than the date posted in the end? My friend ordered her's on the 5th april with an estimated delivery of 27th May. She received her Switch in the post on the 8th april. I've just ordered mine on the 14th april and mine also has a delivery eatimated of the 27th may which must just be a default date set as my friend's was the same date and she ordered 2 weeks earlier (and still received her console in 2 days). Just wanna know if you guys got the Switch sooner.

kjblack kjblack - 18/04/2017 07:30 - Report
Still waiting on mine to be dispatched

Morgz Morgz - 18/04/2017 07:40 - Report
Hopefully mine gets dispatched along with the stock that comes in for your's. I think they set the estimated delivery dates really far ahead in case there's stock issues

Zombiemole Zombiemole - 18/04/2017 10:03 - Report
I ordered mine on the 17th march with a estimated dispatch of 28th april. Still waiting.

Morgz Morgz - 18/04/2017 10:36 - Report
They're obviously definitely getting stock either this week or next week then. Hopefully we'll receive our consoles before the end of the month.

Morgz Morgz - 18/04/2017 10:37 - Report
It also seems there's always more stock of the Neon consoles than the Grey. The Grey is higher in demand so people have been receiving the Neon sooner as there's more stock pretty much every where. (I ordered the Neon as i prefer the look of the colour's)

TBird TBird - 21/04/2017 06:09 - Report
I ordered mine on the 28th march (grey) with a 27th may estimated delivery date. Ive been getting weekly emails saying my delivery is on track but I didnt get one this week which has me a little confused. I dont think the grey sells more on Very, everytime I look the neon says "65 have been sold in the past 24 hours" (its always above 50) but the grey says "17 have been sold in the past 24 hours" (its always below 30)

Morgz Morgz - 21/04/2017 06:51 - Report
The Neon gets restocked more often than the Grey on every other website, so I just assumed the Neon sells less. But it might be the fact that they get restocked more as it's the more popular option. Hopefully you didn't get that email as they are expecting stock next week and it should be delivered next week. The 27th of may is just the default date they've set because you ordered 3 weeks before me and we have the same date. I was on the phone to Very and i asked if they get stock at any point, be it today or next week, will my order be shipped out then rather than on the 27th may and they said 'definitely' as the 27th may is just a safe date. We should get them next week w/ the 28th stock. If not, I'm just gonna cancel my order and get it from my local CEX as they're selling them new for £300 and I have £230 CEX cr*dit haha.

Zombiemole Zombiemole - 21/04/2017 07:00 - Report
I must be really unlucky then as if theyve gotten stock in since the 17th of march they must have a huge amount of back orders. My delivery date is the 28 april which they seem to be sticking firm to.

Morgz Morgz - 21/04/2017 08:14 - Report
See, this is why I think they restock the Neon in larger quantities than the Grey. My friend ordered her Neon Switch on the 5th April with ETA of 27th May (like us), and she received it on the 8th April (she got a shipping notification the day she ordered, it takes 1/2 days from Very 99% of the time). So I seriously think most people with the 27th May ETA should get their consoles this month, especially people who ordered Neon. Nintendo seem to constantly restock Neon on their site as well, but not the Grey. Weird how they favour one colour, most likely for popularity and sales reasons.

TBird TBird - 21/04/2017 20:41 - Report
I really hope I dont get mine last just because of the plastic case colour lol. Also I accidentally sent a thank you to Zombiemole while scrolling on my phone, so just ignore that Smile

Morgz Morgz - 23/04/2017 12:18 - Report
We should get our's next week, positive thinking!!

TBird TBird - 23/04/2017 13:54 - Report
What changed your mind?

Morgz Morgz - 23/04/2017 13:57 - Report
Remembered my friend had an ETA of 27th may and then she received her Switch 2 days later after she ordered it on the 8th april. And also after speaking to Very asking if they get stock in will the send it out even if your delivery date is 27th may. I remember the day I spoke to them they said the 27th may is just a 'safe date' in case they get no stock til' then.

kjblack kjblack - 23/04/2017 22:55 - Report
Only if they get enough stock in however. 5 days after i ordered mine the ETA changed from 28/4 to 30/5 meaning that their estimated allocated next stock has been exhausted and any new orders are on an additional back order

Morgz Morgz - 24/04/2017 00:24 - Report
Like I've said. I spoke to their customer service and they said they're giving everyone the 27th May as the date now as it's a safe date to cover their butts if they don't get stock in. I wouldn't give up on your delivery this week. If so, do what i'm gonna do and get one from CEX, I'm gonna get one this saturday if my Switch doesn't come this week!

kjblack kjblack - 25/04/2017 10:10 - Report
FYI - my grey console has been dispatched

Morgz Morgz - 25/04/2017 10:40 - Report
Omg are you kidding, I cancelled my order last night for my Neon console😩😩 I'm gonna go buy it today. Has anyone else's been shipped??

Zombiemole Zombiemole - 25/04/2017 10:41 - Report
Mine just dispatched as well

Morgz Morgz - 25/04/2017 10:42 - Report
Did ou order the neon??

Zombiemole Zombiemole - 25/04/2017 10:44 - Report
I ordered grey

kjblack kjblack - 25/04/2017 12:30 - Report
Anyone got any tracking details or know who the courier is?

TBird TBird - 25/04/2017 15:22 - Report
Yeah mine has just been dispatched too

Morgz Morgz - 25/04/2017 16:34 - Report
SO TYPICAL!! I went out and bought the Neon switch today from my local Argos ahahahha!! The same day they get bloody shipped out. Well, maybe it was just the grey one's that got shipped and not the Neon's. Either way, I've got a brand mew Switch and I've got it today 😃 Off to CEX this weekend to spend my cr*dit on some games. Already got Zelda, so excited to play it tonight!! Hope you guys enjoy your consoles.

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