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Discuss Super Nintendo Entertainment System SNES Classic Mini Stock at Game

Discuss Super Nintendo Entertainment System SNES Classic Mini Stock @ Super Nintendo Entertainment System SNES Classic Mini at Game
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Admin Administrator - Sticky Forum Post - 28/06/2017 17:44 - Report


  • Please DO NOT rely on receiving an email or push notification alert to find you stock. We will send notifications on a case by case basis. It is pointless us sending thousands of notifications if a retailer only has a few units of stock which get snapped up almost immediately. Just leads to further frustration.
  • Please do not attempt to sell on this forum. There is another well known website for that. Offending posts will be deleted and user accounts suspended without notice.

Thanks, Admin


thelichgod thelichgod - Yesterday - 23/07/2017 13:36 - Report
Basically every game is supplied a few preorders every week or two all you need to do is go in store and ask if they have any Mini SNES preorders available. It's a £50 deposit upfront and on release you have 48hrs before they just sell it in store even though the £50 is non refundable.

thelichgod thelichgod - 22/07/2017 23:02 - Report
Copped the last one at Game Clydebank and I got it at like 5pm I reckon one of the last in Glasgow.
NickL78 NickL78 - 22/07/2017 23:17 - Report
I'm canny happy

thelichgod thelichgod - Yesterday - 23/07/2017 00:21 - Report

guest269076 guest269076 - 21/07/2017 20:38 - Report
Got the last one at Game store Reading!

NickL78 NickL78 - 20/07/2017 16:36 - Report
Just been into my local game and pre ordered one.
chrisking66 chrisking66 - 20/07/2017 17:21 - Report
have a cookie, or least try to provide more useful info, where is your local store, did that have stock left at the time, if not its just a very pointless post,

NickL78 NickL78 - 20/07/2017 17:53 - Report
Cookies are fattening. Was the Newcastle store. Had 7 left at 3:00

janet5656 janet5656 - 20/07/2017 21:22 - Report
cookies are nice.

FidFighter FidFighter - 21/07/2017 19:16 - Report
Cookies are delicious. I eat them and thats coming from a dude that goes to a gym regulary Big Grin

janet5656 janet5656 - 21/07/2017 21:05 - Report
Yes I go to the gym as well. I need them carbs.

janet5656 janet5656 - 21/07/2017 21:25 - Report
Also I saw you're previous meesage about argos. I think that it will most likely be next week. That will be their 3rd batch.

FidFighter FidFighter - 22/07/2017 19:58 - Report
Awesome. Would be great for the people that missed out Smile

stockman123 stockman123 - Yesterday - 23/07/2017 16:29 - Report
I'd rather spend the money on cookies, imagine how many cookies you could get for the price if the snes mini!

AJK1986 AJK1986 - 20/07/2017 00:36 - Report
Just to concur with some other posts below, that it is definitely worth checking out your local GAME stores. Managed to grab one yesterday morning, much to my surprise. At least that's one more unit those scummy scalpers can't get their filthy hands on.

guest268805 guest268805 - 17/07/2017 13:02 - Report
I managed to pop in to my local Game and pick up a pre order again same as others you have to put down a £50 deposit the stock was advertised going from 9am onwards
FidFighter FidFighter - 17/07/2017 23:31 - Like This Item Report
Its surprising that we dont get any email alerts or any notifications from Game. I was lucky i preordered from argos on 10/07/17 on time Big Grin

Quasi Quasi - 17/07/2017 11:13 - Report
Waked into my local GAME and believe they had 2 left! They guy told me they receive very small amounts of stock during the week so worth going in, in person!
chrisking66 chrisking66 - 17/07/2017 12:00 - Like This Item Report
well good for those that do want to put the time in and the £50 up front, just sounds like to much effort for me, when i can just wait until asda/pc world/john list list they first batch, and the other online retailers list more IF they do, plus my way i can shop in my PJ's and no one thinks im nuts, but im sure those that it does help (and want to make sure they get a perorder in / dont mind the effort of going in to the real world) will be grateful

blondielass blondielass - 14/07/2017 10:43 - Report
Try calling up your local store and seeing if they have any - I did on the off chance and my local GAME had a few preorders remaining! It's a high deposit and you have to collect it from the store, but that's totally fine for me, just happy to have one!
guest266148 guest266148 - 15/07/2017 13:34 - Report
Did exactly this today and after a mad dash to the city centre I GOT THE LAST ONE!!!

blondielass blondielass - 15/07/2017 13:42 - Report
Yay! So happy for you!

gavin82 gavin82 - 06/07/2017 18:17 - Report
i just got one by doing that

gavin82 gavin82 - 06/07/2017 18:17 - Report
keep refreshing, i just got noe

Gadziu Gadziu - 06/07/2017 16:24 - Report
It says is out of stock now on the website
guest36580 guest36580 - 06/07/2017 16:30 - Like This Item Report
Still showing in stock on mine. Although it will not complete the purchase. GREAT! Mad

Gadziu Gadziu - 06/07/2017 16:37 - Report
Sorry mate.

guest36580 guest36580 - 06/07/2017 16:41 - Report
Dam thought I had got one from Tesco (after my previous got cancelled). Went to pay and they have all gone. Dam it!

chrisking66 chrisking66 - 06/07/2017 16:56 - Report
they will be more just a question of when (have to keep alert and ready to buy) asda currys / pc world, the entertainer (maybe they dont normally play the console game but minis are more of a toy, they did with the nes i think) and john lewis and im sure others i forgot about still have to do they first round of preorders, and amazon still have XXX from the cancel run to relist, tho im sure they waiting for prime day to use it to get more traffic to they site

chrisking66 chrisking66 - 06/07/2017 19:38 - Report
other option is el corte spainish site, that has (well preorder ofc not has them has them) them and will ship to uk, witch is £1 cheaper inc shipping than uk RRP atm too shockingly, tho the fact they want to know they customers and get your id number or passport number might be an off put for some, tho a few hudkers rate them, why posting

Semaj Semaj - 06/07/2017 16:14 - Report
Empty Basket...tried paypal, cr*dit card, bank card, nothing, got in as soon as the alert went off, tried for 20 minutes, got the ump now
bk100 bk100 - 06/07/2017 17:21 - Report
its shocking exactly the same as you , not happy!!!

AllanLetsPlay AllanLetsPlay - 06/07/2017 20:42 - Report
same as you , not happy!

rsg444 rsg444 - 06/07/2017 16:02 - Report
There's no buy button
guest263249 guest263249 - 06/07/2017 16:05 - Report
No button = you missed this batch.

flammable9999 flammable9999 - 06/07/2017 16:06 - Report
Actually there was no button on Firefox

rsg444 rsg444 - 06/07/2017 16:08 - Report

guest263249 guest263249 - 06/07/2017 16:09 - Report
Or no button = games fussy browser compatibility. I used safari (iphone)

Gadziu Gadziu - 06/07/2017 16:13 - Report
same as me, safari (iphone) worked for me great

rsg444 rsg444 - 06/07/2017 16:15 - Report
I tried Chrome, IE, and Safari but no buy button - looks like I was late to the party

stevevjai stevevjai - 06/07/2017 16:19 - Report
Should of used Opera, its still showing but oos now

WelshJester WelshJester - 06/07/2017 15:59 - Report
Basket is empty message, what's going on with GAME? Completely useless..
guest263249 guest263249 - 06/07/2017 16:07 - Report
Hearing report games website is fussy about the browser used.

WelshJester WelshJester - 06/07/2017 16:10 - Report
Tried with both Chrome and Edge, thought Edge would work since it let me add to basket. Now it actually says out of stock when clicking go to checkout.

flammable9999 flammable9999 - 06/07/2017 15:56 - Report
So annoying, I tried yesterday and today and I still keep getting the same basket being emptied message. I have tried three different browsers!
Gadziu Gadziu - 06/07/2017 16:03 - Report
Try Safari browser on iphone, worked for me

flammable9999 flammable9999 - 06/07/2017 16:06 - Report
I dont have an iphone! and I am at work so cant really get to anyone elses

guest263249 guest263249 - 06/07/2017 16:06 - Report
I also used safari (iphone) and managed to grab one on a quick guest account.

guest263249 guest263249 - 06/07/2017 15:48 - Report
Just grabbed ONE preorder and received the confirmation email. Didnt chance logging into my account (can't remember password) as it may have taken too long. So ordered it as guest. Had the game snes page on safari and hit refresh every time i picked up the phone.
guest263249 guest263249 - 06/07/2017 15:52 - Report
Checked Stockinformer after i nabbed this preorder and it was still showing no stock. Checked game again and the button had gone, came back to stock informer and its showing as in stock. WOW you need to be lucky AND fast!!!

Gadziu Gadziu - 06/07/2017 15:46 - Report
All looking good , Just logged to Game website and awaiting shipment . Thanks guys
Heasy1 Heasy1 - 06/07/2017 15:50 - Report
weird i tried this over 10 minutes ago and couldnt get one i just get this, yet I havent ordered one before, How come other people after me can get one, dont make sense. frustrating much? . We know you're super excited to get gaming, but unfortunately this product is either out of stock or has been limited to a certain number per customer.

Gadziu Gadziu - 06/07/2017 15:59 - Report
Hi there, managed to order one just after 3pm, but couldn't to this via Chrome, it worked via iphone browser and managed to add one to basket, pay using paypal and when I checked again thru Game website and says awaiting shipment.

Nazzy122 Nazzy122 - 06/07/2017 15:40 - Report
Whoever hasn't gotten one yet please not Game online store aren't taking any deposit for preorders other than debiting £1 to verify card details.
guest193282 guest193282 - 06/07/2017 15:41 - Report
thats what every one does... it verifies your cards real and your usually charged upon dispatch....

Nazzy122 Nazzy122 - 06/07/2017 15:58 - Report
Last year game were charging £50 deposit for the mini and this year in some i store branches they are taking deposit money

guest193282 guest193282 - 06/07/2017 15:36 - Report
Confirmed Game have stock, ive just got one. Get your preorders in now!

Gadziu Gadziu - 06/07/2017 15:14 - Report
Hi there, just managed to pre-order mine through game on my iphone (safari) couldnt do this through Chrome on my PC. Still waiting for confirmation.

 Woolf Woolf - 06/07/2017 14:37 - Report
Game have them in stock now. I just successfully pre order about 5 minutes ago. Didn't get an email alert though.
Meydey Meydey - 06/07/2017 14:54 - Report
Thanks mate. Just managed to grab one Big Grin Dance

Cjohnstone87 Cjohnstone87 - 06/07/2017 14:36 - Report
Just managed to put a pre-order through online successfully, awaiting confirmation
Cjohnstone87 Cjohnstone87 - 06/07/2017 14:53 - Report
Confirmation just recieved

Wigsta78 Wigsta78 - 05/07/2017 18:04 - Report
Managed to Pre order from Game back on Monday, got the order confirmation email but order isn't showing so not hopeful. According to staff it's on 'back order'. How can they bring in more pre-orders without fulfilling those back orders?

Moo0894 Moo0894 - 05/07/2017 17:58 - Report
Keeps allowing me to preorder & add to basket but when go to pay says it's out of stock
guest177585 guest177585 - 05/07/2017 17:59 - Report
Same here

Meydey Meydey - 05/07/2017 18:01 - Report
Same Sad

Dblue75 Dblue75 - 05/07/2017 17:54 - Report
Keep getting to payment page then says nothing in your basket....oh well...

guest265290 guest265290 - 05/07/2017 17:29 - Report
Got one but on my orders it says incident raised with order, why can't things ever be easy
guest263486 guest263486 - 05/07/2017 17:36 - Report
Mine says the same, hopefully there won't be any issues...

chrisking66 chrisking66 - 05/07/2017 17:38 - Report
im sure it will be fine, for those that like sure pointless tings, the order email also says (nintendo switch) under the main title of snes mini blah blah , tho im sure they wont send you one by mistake lol

Heasy1 Heasy1 - 05/07/2017 17:55 - Report
Now it just goes through the entire process, you hit pay then it comes up, "We know you're super excited to get gaming, but unfortunately this product is either out of stock or has been limited to a certain number per customer" lol

Meydey Meydey - 05/07/2017 18:04 - Report
Had that message before, now it just say out of stock (nothing in your basket) lol Sad

Admin Administrator - 05/07/2017 17:25 - Report
Who has managed to grab an online pre-order? Greet
chrisking66 chrisking66 - 05/07/2017 17:31 - Report
got one, no idea on account info for what it says as done as a guest (for the above guests comment), tho i got a confirm email witch all looks normal

guest264592 guest264592 - 05/07/2017 18:30 - Report
Me, thanks to the android chrome push notification. Managed to get a tesco one yesterday as well. Will have very happy nieces and nephews come xmas. Thanks admin :-)

guest174399 guest174399 - 06/07/2017 09:42 - Like This Item Report
Thanks to stock informer, the foghorn sounded, ran out of the kitchen & ordered the same minute! Thanks again, Good luck everyone else!

stockman123 stockman123 - 06/07/2017 14:57 - Report
"Will have very happy nieces and nephews come xmas" if they would want to play these retro games...more like stick it up on ebay lol

guest264592 guest264592 - 06/07/2017 21:01 - Report
"As if they would want to play these retro games" What are you on!? Kids love retro games. Maybe not colecovision, but snes will easily get them hooked. It's not all about the shiny shiny graphics... lol

stockman123 stockman123 - 06/07/2017 21:09 - Report
Agree, they dont make games these days like they used to. Gameplay is important not graphics

guest264592 guest264592 - 07/07/2017 15:57 - Report
My brother is looking forward to playing secret of mana with his two boys. Hope they will release a multitap for it.

johnnyjungle johnnyjungle - 30/06/2017 18:03 - Report
Managed to pre order instore
stockman123 stockman123 - 01/07/2017 09:26 - Report
Just pre ordered one in store.. Big queue outside the door... Anyone wanting one this is the best option but get down quick!!

SPONGEBOB SPONGEBOB - 05/07/2017 17:59 - Report
just ordered online confirm email as well it says nintendo switch so..... im not complaining lol

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