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Discuss Nintendo Classic Mini Entertainment System NES Stock at Amazon

Discuss Nintendo Classic Mini Entertainment System NES Stock @ Nintendo Classic Mini Entertainment System NES at Amazon
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guest236866 guest236866 - Yesterday - 24/02/2017 14:31 - Report
mini has arrived this afternoon, thanks stock informer
repire repire - Yesterday - 24/02/2017 15:26 - Report
when was disptach

guest236866 guest236866 - Yesterday - 24/02/2017 15:30 - Report
it was dispatched yesterday via Amazon

guest236866 guest236866 - 22/02/2017 16:46 - Report
does anyone who ordered one recently have a delivery date yet?
venusAkAzohra venusAkAzohra - 22/02/2017 23:41 - Report
I ordered prime expedited on 20th it was dispatched today and coming tomorrow

venusAkAzohra venusAkAzohra - 22/02/2017 23:43 - Report
I was worried it would be cancelled cuz when I called them they weren't sure if their was enough stock so today before it was dispatched I managed to put an order in on nintendos website too so now I have two coming :p

guest236866 guest236866 - 23/02/2017 08:58 - Report
i did the same with mine but its still preparing to be dispatched, altho it will dispatch today so fingers crossed

guest238892 guest238892 - 21/02/2017 16:22 - Report
Forgot the stock alarm was on scared us half to death but soooo glad it was! Big Grin Thank you very much, what a great service!

venusAkAzohra venusAkAzohra - 20/02/2017 23:20 - Like This Item Report
I got one or at least placed an order on amazon. I had stock informer on for ages and made so many attempts but was never able to get past a few steps but then a while ago randomly went of amazona nd it wa son my suggestions for 49.99 quickly placed the order and came back to stock informer but it did not have a notification but the notification came after 5 'minutes by which time the stock was gone so my suggestion keep an eye on your amazon suggestions and add it to wishlist on amazon Dance Dance Dance

guest240901 guest240901 - 20/02/2017 20:52 - Report
Argh, managed to put in the basket then Amazon removed it... fingers crossed for the next batch! Btw I've also noticed Asda have a page for the Nes too if anyone wanted to keep their eye on that too or if it can be added to the site.

guest166239 guest166239 - 20/02/2017 20:44 - Report
thanks stock informer finally just order one
guest166239 guest166239 - 21/02/2017 00:44 - Report
and just had it cancelled

Mike1977 Mike1977 - 20/02/2017 20:34 - Report
got mine thanks so much

Lisa9982 Lisa9982 - 20/02/2017 20:27 - Report
Just got one -8.27pm on Amazon!

Ian1981 Ian1981 - 20/02/2017 18:01 - Report
finally finally finally after weeks of bad luck. At last an nes will be mine. big up stock informer !!!!

guest240459 guest240459 - 20/02/2017 15:50 - Report
Got one at £49.99 & free delivery - says it will be dispatched 22/2 Smile
guest240459 guest240459 - 20/02/2017 15:51 - Report
Thanks Stock Informer for the notifications

Admin Administrator - 20/02/2017 16:28 - Report
No worries, glad you found the website useful, enjoy your NES Big Grin

guest236866 guest236866 - 20/02/2017 15:43 - Report
finally got one for those waiting you can preorder one just look at the options at the bottom more due March 3rd

guest220487 guest220487 - 20/02/2017 15:28 - Report
Keep trying, when I first clicked it had gone to £112 but 20 mins later it was back to £49.99. I have had a confirmation email from Amazon, so lets just hope it gets delivered!
EdgeJ EdgeJ - 20/02/2017 15:34 - Report
Right with you there! And judging by the timestamp on my confirmation email and when Stock Informer's saying it went out of stock... I might have been one of the last people. Phew.

guest237280 guest237280 - 20/02/2017 15:26 - Report
Available but price now saying £112 Sad

MMC MMC - 20/02/2017 15:22 - Report

Zuldraco Zuldraco - 20/02/2017 15:20 - Report
Admin Administrator - 20/02/2017 15:23 - Report
Keep trying, stock is still coming and going

Lucian Toma Lucian Toma - 20/02/2017 15:18 - Report
Finally I made my order on amazon .. 49.99 free delivery!

kim8701 kim8701 - 18/11/2016 22:50 - Report
I got one in Sainsbury's this week! They had lots
guest98141 guest98141 - 20/11/2016 14:55 - Report
Which sainsburys? Xx

guest115390 guest115390 - 15/11/2016 12:42 - Report
If everyone knew we wouldnt be on this website

guest134120 guest134120 - 15/11/2016 09:00 - Report
When is this item available please

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